Type any number between 1-10,000 on google then “new cases” and it will bring up fake coronavirus articles in different countries claiming to have whatever number of cases you typed in. Oh, and a little rant from me about operation lockstep, the coming cyber pandemic, and the current fake pandemic.

Type any number between 1-10,000 on google then "new cases" and it will bring up fake coronavirus articles in different countries claiming to have whatever number of cases you typed in. Oh, and a little rant from me about operation lockstep, the coming cyber pandemic, and the current fake pandemic.

Post Edit: Cue the shills in 3,2,1…

Type any number between 1-10,000 in google then “new cases” and watch what happens.

Lets go for number 8…


Lets go for number 467…


Surely not, 5739?


You gotta be kidding me. 8867?


I call bulls*t.

Covid-19 or Certification Of Vaccination ID – 2019? – C-O-V-ID-19


Our world is controlled by an elite group of psychopaths who are ABOVE THE POLITICS, ABOVE THE LAW, ABOVE THE GOVERNMENT, AND ABOVE THE PEOPLE. They answer to no one but God. The world you accept as reality is just an illusion. It is indeed the Matrix. The prison for our minds they created to control you from the shadows. An international criminal cabal that has infected all sections of society. It involves royalty, politicians, religious institutions, military generals, media giants, private corporations and secret societies. I’m talking about corruption at the highest echelons of power and above. Together they make up the 0.1% of humanity. These are the soulless parasites who control the world and wish to enslave humanity with the New World Order Agenda.

Covid-19 is the event the elite have chosen to initiate the New World Order. Coronavirus is just a fancy name for the common flu, and Covid-19 has never been scientifically proven to exists. Seriously it hasn’t. The British government has admitted SARS COV 2 (Covid-19) DOES NOT EXIST. The reason they are not proving the virus is real is because I believe they plan to release virus into the population if people don’t by their bulls*it. Thats what the Rockefeller operation lockstep which simulates a global pandemic says anyway…









Moving on, the PCR testing kits are NOT EFFECTIVE. The inventor of the kits even came out and said that the PCR tests CAN NOT be used to isolate or identify a specific virus in the body. These testing kits are 85-90% false positives meaning 85-95% of the time, the results will come back positive. This is why they are issuing mass testing worldwide. The elite are using the “rise in cases” to inflate the numbers and give the illusion of global pandemic. CASES DOES NOT EQUAL DEATHS.

The mortality rate globally is normal. In a real pandemic the death rate would be sky high. It isn’t. Therefore, there is NO PANDEMIC! Just because the government and media tell you something, does not that what they are telling you is true. If I call you a moose are you suddenly a moose? As I’ve already mentioned numerous times, the elite control the world and the flow of information. They control the government, media, and even the world health organisation. Yes, you read that right. There is not one institution in the world that they do not control. This is why it is so easy for them to push any narrative and control the hearts and minds of the population via the propaganda in the media.


So, if there is no pandemic, what’s causing the flu like symptoms in the population? Well, I think it’s 5G. 5G Is an electromagnetic field or electromagnetic wave. Similar to a radio wave. You can’t see the signal traveling through the air to play music in your car, but you know the signal is there for the radio to work. Same principle with 5G. 5G is electromagnetic radiation in the air which is a form of non-ionising radiation. The health risks associated with 5G technology is very clear. It is extremely harmful and detrimental to human health. It damages DNA, fertility, causes brain tumours, and is carcinogenic. Yes, it kills cells so they develop cancer.

Now let me tell you the link between 5G and the SYMPTOMS of Covid-19.

If you research the symptoms of Covid-19, then research the symptoms of electromagnetic radiation poisoning, (or hypo electric sensitivity) you will find that they are EXACTLY THE SAME! What’s even more interesting is the link between the role out of 5G around the world, and the outbreak path of this alleged virus. It started in Wuhan China, then Italy, then Spain. The EXACT SAME places where 5G was turned on! Then if you look at what CITIES installed 5G since the start of the PLANDEMIC, they are the WORST EFFECTED AREAS for what they call Covid-19! Once is random, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern. We most certainly have a pattern when it comes to the symptoms of Covid-19 and the connection with 5G.


Let me tell you what this is all about and where they want to take humanity.

Ultimately, their number one goal is to contaminate you with that vaccine. Inside the vaccine is NANOTECHNOLOY. Tiny little robots that are programmed to change, alter, and harvest your DNA. There is also something called Hydrogel. Hydrogel binds to the biology of your body and works in conjunction with the nano-tech. It is also a receiver of signals which means it can pick up frequencies in the airwaves from 5G. This technology can literally CONTROL YOUR MIND AND EMOTIONS.

Furthermore, heavy metals are in the vaccine such as aluminium, strontium, and barium, which is toxic to the human body. This all ties in with the satanic transhumanist agenda to merge man with machine. Once you take that vaccine you are not bound under natural law (Gods Law), as a divine living man/ woman. You become a chimera.

Essentially, an animal with two or more different sets of DNA. You will no longer be human. There is even something called luciferase in the vaccine. LUCIFER-RASE. Could it be any more obvious! This is it the people, we are living in the end times. This is THE MARK OF THE BEAST as prophesied in biblical prophecy. Only believing in Jesus Christ can save you from what is coming.

They want to get cash out of society and convert everyone over to a totally digital economy. They want to know who you are, what your buying, and when you’re buying it. They want to implement a universal basic income to control all citizens of the world. They want to make you dependant on the state so they can rule over us as Satanic Overlords. This is why they have spent billions on 5G because 5G is the technological foundations for the future. It enables them to turn up the frequency and cause sickness in the population so they can blame it on a fake virus. 5G is the only type of technology capable of running the global digital economy which they have already started to roll out.

This ties in with the smart cities they are building, artificial intelligence, and the social credit score system to determine if you’re a “good citizen”. They want to turn the world into communist China with facial recognition and 24/7 mass surveillance of all citizens. Soon they will be implementing the Covid-ID biometric passport and digital vaccination certificate for travel. We won’t be able to do anything in society unless we comply to their oppressive, Nazi-like, inhumane, satanic regime.


Very soon they are going to switch off the global power grid at different intervals in different countries. They are going to blame it on hackers and call it a “Cyber Pandemic”. This is known as the “Great Switch off”. They have planned this decades in advanced. They made the world dependant on import and export so when they kill the grid the global food supply completely shuts down. This is how evil these children of the Fallen Angels are. Expect massive food shortages, worldwide city blackouts, riots, looting, and “order out of chaos”, the motto of the Illuminati.

FOOD WILL BE USED AS THE LEVERAGE TO IMPLEMENT FORCED VACCINATIONS. A digital vaccination identity card is the perfect way to keep a record of FOOD RATIONS for the entire population. They are piggy backing one fake crisis on top of the other to usher in the great reset and the takeover of humanity. Stock up on basic survival essentials. Food, water, warm clothing and some sort of power outlet. This is their plan people, welcome to The New World Order.

Three Short Videos on The Coming Cyber Pandemic:

Cyber Pandemic Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSuCuoQxI20&t=1s

Cyber Pandemic Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amauVOikHy0

Cyber Pandemic Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe3y-OdNSsw


In conclusion, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news. I wish this wasn’t where the world was headed but unfortunately it is. Buckle up and get prepared because shit is going to hit the fan. It’s so important you share this information and keep spreading the knowledge. On a positive note the Covid-19 bullsh*t has triggered THE GREAT AWAKENING!

Do not be fearful brothers and sisters, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are all sons and daughters of God. Not the children of Fallen Angels who control the world as the elite. When God created everything, he gave them free will. He has to let the elite exercise their right to free will by enslaving mankind, if that’s how they which to express it. But, that does not mean he is going to let them get away with it.

This is why he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for ALL OF MANKIND. That includes the elite. He knew this day was coming. Jesus will forgive anyone, even the elite and their twisted ideologies, if they repent of their sins and seek forgiveness from Jesus Christ for their wickedness.

If they reject Jesus and carry on with their Satanic Agenda, they will be dealt accordingly on the great day of judgment which is closer than you think. Trust me. I pray for you, all of mankind, and even the elite, that you all allow Jesus Christ into your hearts. Gods patience is wearing thin and this nightmare is almost over. Will you be given access to the eternal kingdom of God? Or will you reject Jesus and leave your fate in God’s hands. That choice ladies and gentlemen, is down to you, and you alone.

This was an article I written from my website www.seanspeaks.co.uk which goes live tomorrow! Make sure to check it out! I love every single one of you out there fighting the good fight. May God be with us all.

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