(Thoughts) on 5G

Just woke up from a Dream and had a feeling/subconscious awakening that my brain may now be connected to the internet. My subconscious is not connected. Right away I could understand my brain was processing thoughts in a sequence order of unnecessary steps. My subconscious was telling me this is wrong. So What if…

So what if 5G has connected us all to the internet in order to evolve human kind to the next level. I’m not going to say thought control (although plausible) or even or mind experimentation but rather raw processing power I believe to be more on par in terms of a 56k connection in terms of technology. So what if…

All the madness in our world (“The world turned upside down”) Covid/ Masks/ Media created injustices / Hysterics and fear replacing logic/ crazy crazy political bukake mind duckers. All to overload your mind to keep your subconscious busy until “The New Normal” Happens thus rendering us from understanding a major change has occurred.

Final thoughts: I believe some of us have been uploaded or rather given something in the past even a decade ago to upload us to this connection. I think the rollout will come very fast right now and people will be incapable of understanding it due to all the new unwanted stress that has been placed on each individual now. Confusion, Fear, and stress have been created to keep you and your subconscious from communication with this new brain processing and possibly to help align your subconscious brain to the new thought processing systematically without detection. This makes me wonder why “The New Normal” and “The Great Reset” our so common if not in order to reprogram us. Maybe for the good…but with TPTB maybe not either.

When you enter a creative thought rhythm please take the time to reflect on your own mind.

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