the past month or so has me very afraid for events going forward

oh look another post about events how fun

i’ve been an avid player since 2009. i’ve been here for egg rains, turkey hunts, the dreaded witching hour, and let’s not even mention egg hunt 2014. in some ways, events have become something incredible. the ideas behind them are fantastic; connecting numerous games together in one massive hunt full of secrets and clues. it’s a great way to bring together the community, and for that i really do appreciate modern events. they’re a symbol of how much the site has grown since i’ve joined; back in 09-10, i never could’ve imagined that there’d be these large scale events that we’re having now. it’s incredible!

that being said, there appears to be one large issue persisting throughout every event that we’ve had this year: quality assurance. i understand that it’s not easy to test something that thounds upon thousands of players will all be playing at once, but with each event they’re seeming less and less tested. ready player two was pretty good up (except for the robloxian high school relic not properly teleporting you at the end of the obby… seriously?) until the (technically second to) last relic in dungeon quest. this is where everything in this event fell apart. not even just playtesting but the actual tasks themselves in the game were just horrid. there was no indication that you had entered a part of the sequence; the crystals didn’t do anything. the keypad was supposedly ‘bugged’ and bruteforcable at first… but before the update (which shut down servers in the MIDDLE OF THE HUNT at a crucial moment for users trying to earn the metaphones) the codes for the keypad could use digits about 5… even though there were only 5 lanterns? what gives there? not to mention the boss was incredibly unfun and unfair. the other ready player two games had some issues but even just by design this was the worst of the worst. i’ll be damned if this was actually played and tested by a QA team that said “yep, this is a high quality event sequence that should be the standard of events.” but hey, enough about that.

rb battles. quite possibly the largest scale event, aside from egg hunt of course. 12 games with challenges, 3 hidden swords, and one epic finale. or, at least, what should have been an epic finale. the badges themselves were fine however the robeats one was pretty buggy at launch. not the end of the world since it was the start of the event, but still should be taken note of. aside from that the rest of the event was pretty fine… until the finale. let’s start off by talking about the rb battles game itself. is it bad? not at all, it’s actually quite a nice place, up until it bugs of course. like how getting one specific minigame (hunger games) always just randomly kills most players and results in waiting out the timer and potentially causing issues to the entire server after that. oh, and of course ignoring the fact that the winner’s wings badge awarder was just randomly put in the RB Battles logo in the spawn, resulting in people getting them early. not that it’s a huge deal since having them early didn’t matter at all, but for such a large and prominent event it’s quite a big mistake to be made.

given that the game is in beta, bugs are excusable of course. what’s inexcusable is the horrble state that the finale was released in. ESPECIALLY when you have an award that only a limited number of players can get. just to list a few bugs:

  • the inital boss upon joining the finale place sometimes spawning in multiple sets of hands
  • the timer not starting after the quiz, meaning you couldn’t progress without at least resetting, most of the time needing to rejoin to fix it
  • controls in cosmic karts just sometimes randomly broke
  • people randomly died around the end of cosmic karts
  • people randomly died after cosmic karts when the cutscene with kreekcraft was supposed to play
  • the platforms at the beginning of the lobby after progress predicament didn’t rise at first

that may not be all of them but those are the ones i either saw on kreek’s stream, saw from friends, or experienced myself. once again i understand that it’s hard to test for everything and not every bug happened to everyone so it’s highly possible for things to slip by QA, but with the frequency of some of these bugs it feels like there was little to no testing actually done. what could’ve been an epic ending to what could’ve gone down as one of the most ambitious and enjoyable events yet turned into hours of frustration fighting against the game.

and now, the reason i’m making this post. despite my qualms with rb battles, i felt no need to really say anything as there was nothing that wasn’t already said. but of course, fate had other plans for me when i found out the wonder woman event had new items. sounds like a fun time! another obby, huh? can’t be as bad as rb battles…

for those unaware, attempting the wonder woman obby is a fate worse than death. trying to complete that hellspawn is the worst self punishment known to mankind. the obby itself? not hard at all. the lag that comes with the obby? downright unplayable. there are platforms that are supposed to spin around in circles for you to land on. these platforms lag horribly, freezing and teleporting and sometimes even going BACKWARDS. it’s impossible to predict the spin properly leading to leaps of faith until you finally get lucky and make it. there are 3 of these spinners in a row, by the way. sometimes the third one doesn’t even spawn in servers, making completing the obby literally impossible. once you make it past the spinners you come across swinging boulders that instantly kill you. these lag just as bad as the spinners and you will constantly randomly die from something that wasn’t even there or just teleported right into you. then there’s more spinners. followed by these rope monkey bar type jumps that send you forward at a fixed arc, sometimes overshooting the platform. othertimes undershooting. you barely have control. if you somehow make it past these, there’s more of them. you have to dodge the swinging boulders between a pair. then you have to land on another spinner. oh, and to make things even worse, if you SOMEHOW manage to die to one of these laggy boulders after jumping from the ropes, you can no longer jump. you have to leave and rejoin, losing all your progress. this is the last obstacle, by the way. the portal is in sight. i’ve witnessed servers legitimately just dying in this game. it’s incredible. if i was told this was even playtested once, i would tell you you’re lying based off how horrible it is. sure, maybe the lag issues are related to the number of players? i guess i can give you that? but why are they server sided and not local??? and why the hell can you just lose the ability to jump???? resetting doesn’t fix it. it seems to be consistent based off it happening in the same exact scenario to both me and my friend; i can’t be bothered to go and do almost the entire obby for a third of fourth time knowing what my fate will be.

sorry for this being a bit ranty. this probably reads like a trainwreck but hey who’s going to take the time to read it anyway haha. anyways, here’s the point. these past 3 events have just felt extremely un… quality assured, let’s go with that. the standard for events feels like it’s dropping even further, and it was already a pretty low standard after egg hunt 2020. events have always been my favorite part of roblox, and even when i wasn’t as interested in playing i’d make time to play them. there’s always been an undeniable issue of fairly buggy launches but those used to be much more understandable back in the day when the engine wasn’t as advanced as it is now. with each passing year of growth, it’s feeling more and more inexcusable. the QA Testers of Robloxia group has 209 members for crying out loud.

tl;dr: events still feel rather untested at launch which is getting worse and worse due to them becoming more and more ambitious.

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