The Only Solution to the Great Reset

In response to Youtube Video:

My personal opinion:

Being knowledgeable of the Great Reset or just being a sheeple who will vaccinate DOES NOT MATTER. We will likely NEVER RISE UP and FIGHT.

We all have become too complacent. Just accept it. We all have big mouths and love to say we will fight. Truth is, citizens fighting willl never happen on a large enough scale to prevent the Global reset from happening.

The police and army will eventually fight back with weapons which they have and we don’t. Simple as that. The government are willing to KILL us to move forward with the RESET.

Instead, invest in the stocks that you think will profit from the great reset for your child’s future. That’s all that matters anyway. This will also lessen the gap between rich and poor.

Don’t take the vaccine.

Fight only as a last resort in life or death situations.

Focus on protecting your sanity for the present.

Don’t get aggressive for nothing. It won’t work. Trust me. Just focus on making as much money as you can right now. It’s not that we are COWARDS but if you wanna fight against the GREAT RESET you’re gonna have to think SMART and give them a taste of their own medicine.


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