The Great Reset is Truly….

… a reset of our very existence. Tap into your inner peace in these coming hours and days. Visualize your world. Embrace your highly favored role in revolutionizing this plane. Envision your skillsets, wisdom and global contributions with high and happy detail.

I promise you, we’ve got this. Also…. peak up at the Heavens. Your inner child will dance in glee with what may catch the eye.

Peace and Love, Your neighborhood shaman, Nad Pitt

P.S. Political “Great Reset”: Fear Porn programming < Cosmic Reset: Reprogramming our Concious with our Highest Projection

Political “Corona Virus”: Bullshit fear porn for the non-critical-thinkers to perpetuate lower vibrations < Real Crown Chakra Alignment: Cleansing the Mental space to Root our Reality in self-love THUS sovereignty emancipating ourselves from the Patriarchal Mental Matrix

Political “SolarWinds” a viable distraction to the < Solar Flare phenomenon occurring in our atmosphere.

Source: Knowing the Reverse Psychology of Hermetic Magic; an ancient deception that helped found the United States via neo-Masonic practices.

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