The Great Reset – 3 Takes


In a bleak future scenario, we find:

-100% implementation of share economy serfdom

-corporate/state controlled blockchain ID credentials

-fully integrated individual physical GPS and communications tracking

-massive censorship, gate-keeping of digital information

-greater concentration of wealth among corporate/state controllers of digital systems/data/physical property

-soft social credit system (for Western Nations)

-soft mandatory vaccination (two-tier society, vaccination status segregated and enforced via GPS/comms tracking)

In a bright future situation, we find:

-greater decentralisation of means of production, legal services for entrepreneurial/economic renaissance

-greater decentralisation of global financial system, increase in individual financial sovereignty

-greater decentralisation of digital information

-greater availability of financial/legal services for the 3rd world, spurring an economic boom, decreasing corruption

-blockchain based voter ID system ensuring security of elections in all democratic nations

-supply chain/manufacturing improvements approaching 100% efficiency

-global economic boom leading to universally raised standard of living


The “Great Reset” will be a nightmare for individuals who are aware of our society.

We are already living in this dystopian future.

We always think that we will be living in one, but fail to recognise that we ourselves are actually in one right now.

If you were to bring people from the past into our time period, they would be horrified by what they are witnessing.

To the people who don’t see anything wrong in our society right now, they will enjoy the Great Reset.

Predictions for the next 50 years:

  1. UBI will be a thing. Powered by block-chain technology. Every single US born individual will have a unique address. This will vary from city to city. There will be a waiting list to live in other cities for those dependent on UBI.

  2. People will be entirely isolated from each other. One of the major forms of communication will be through video.

  3. Information is going to get even harder to find. Reports that contradict from what’s being pushed in the mainstream media will be suppressed.

  4. People will not have ownership of most products – it will be subscriptions and rentals.

  5. We will not have trackers because everyone already carries a smartphone already. What they’ll do is have some incentive chips that will lower our insurances, allow for more Government assistance, and access to rewards. It will keep track of our bodies – our visits to a health clinic will be nothing more than a cattle, sorry car diagnostics check.


According to billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya, there are 150 people that run the world.

If the elite plutocrats who Chamath is referring to had their way…

The masses would have no property rights.

The masses would all be chipped and live in space efficient commie pods in the city.

The masses would have their procreation regulated.

The masses would have their food regulated – ideally a diet of bugs and soy, with less meat of course.

The masses would be treated as cattle.

Any effort by the WHO, WEF, W whatever organisation is geared towards this effort.

That’s all you really need to know.


Of course, Take 3 seems too far fetched – it implies the world is run by a small group of psychopaths.

I’m sure Snopes has already debunked that “conspiracy theory”…


On the topic of W organisations – WWE.

What does this stand for?

Of course, World Wrestling Entertainment.

I’d like to highlight another W organisation in the entertainment industry.


World Politics Entertainment.

Politics is just entertainment.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Divide and Conquer.

A ruse.

Presidents are selected, not elected.

The last true President was JFK.

The end.

Oh, Merry Christmas…

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