The dumb homebuilder is back! Just in time for Christmas and govt’s quickly dealing with non-compliance…surprise! A new strain to combat dissent over the new vaccine. We all knew it was useless! This is the beginning of perpetual rolling lockdowns. We aren’t ever getting out of this!

Well, I hate that so many of have been right about the trajectories our governments are taking with this mess.

I will start by saying like I did in my last post – I believe COVID-19 is as real as the common cold or influenza, but I don’t subscribe to any of the means our governments are using to “combat” this “pandemic.”

We made it folks! We finally made it! The vaccine is here! Can I travel? No. Will I finally be able to stop wearing a mask? No, you can still spread the virus. What if I get sick? Can my family sue Phizer or Moderna? No, pshhh, can you sue God himself, idiot? So this protects ME from getting ill, right? Wellllll, that’s the idea. Come now. Roll. Up. Your. Sleeve.

So far, it seems to me that I can do a better job as a contractor selling a renovation to the owner of a brand new custom home. They don’t need a renovation in a brand new home, just like the public doesn’t need a vaccine for a coronavirus that doesn’t kill 99.97% of carriers/recipients. Yet somehow, governments are successfully selling this vaccine to (surprisingly) many of their citizens.

Having been keeping loose tabs on what the Mainstream Media (MSM) is reporting about public vaccine reaction/perception. I see some polling figures (at least in Canada) that a little over half of the population is “happy to get the vaccine,” while the other half of the population is “sceptical, but will get the vaccine,” or “sceptical, and will NOT get the vaccine.” Current reporting from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) suggests that “anyone who wants the vaccine, will receive it.”

Given the huge list of caveats in actually RECEIVING the vaccine, and the piss poor job governments have done rolling out their sales pitches for rushed vaccines that don’t do anything anyways, it stands to reason that lockdowns MUST continue, and that people’s current wavering compliance with COVID-19 is nowhere near as close to the LOCKSTEP our governments require of us.

Enter COVID-21. It’s really fun to watch how easily the wool is being pulled over everyone’s eyes. Watching the first days of vaccinations on television, it’s clear to me that too much of the public is questioning the narrative for the vaccine to work in whatever way the government wants it to. I feel G20 nations are quickly waking up to the fact that they don’t want to and cannot force inoculate their citizens, simply because this would spark a revolution more quickly than governments are ready for right now. This flies against the narrative and timeline we are living through currently.

I suggest that forcing vaccinations on western nations’ citizens (as much as this would be ideal for the government) is not going to work. The principles in our laws and doctrines collectively dictates individuals’ rights and freedoms. While governments and media in most nations have successfully stripped away most people’s businesses, daily routines, and their connection to family, friends and religions, I feel the choice between “vaccinations or jail time” will be a hard line that will wake up many of those that have crossed over to the herd that is LOCKSTEP.

Our governments have taken many lessons from a docu/drama titled Temple Grandin. By forcing the herd to slaughter, you stress the animal and taint the meat. The idea that even cattle ranches and their accompanying slaughterhouses are designed with the individual cow’s stress in mind illustrates to me that soft curves and squeeze chutes are needed to bring us all in line before our eventual slaughter and demise. Back in the day, cattle were whipped and corralled into their transports or slaughterhouses. Modern cattle production leads the herd gently through a series of soft, curved pathways and squeeze chutes where they walk willingly themselves. These pathways are designed to become narrower and narrower until the cow is in a position it cannot turn around to escape – it must move forward in LOCKSTEP with the rest of the herd. But the soft, curved pathways it follows, and seeing the rest of his friends and family in tow, calms and reassures the beast into submission. Forcing our human populations into a corner is a hard line and a hard corner that we won’t be able to overcome. The government needs another mode to keep us all locked at home. We must all comply. But how?

At the time of writing, I am observing reports of a “new coronavirus strain” in the UK. More and more governments are currently imposing measures restricting travel to and from the UK every few hours. This seems to be the “soft curving path” governments will use to get those currently on the fence with this mess in LOCKSTEP with the rest of the herd.

I mention the term LOCKSTEP many times above. I am referring to a Rockefeller Foundation Articlewritten in 2010 discussing exactly the lockdowns, mask wearing and erosion of public rights and freedoms we see today. * I link to a Rockefeller Foundation blog post in which they suspiciously “debunk” conspiracy theories relating to the very article I am discussing.

What does all of this madness lead to?

As I see things:

  • the herd openly complied with every lockdown and measure imposed on us and shame those who don’t or dare not comply. This is already beginning to result in violence
  • churches, family gatherings, public gatherings, pubs, restaurants, all deemed non-essential and to be minimized or avoided at all costs. All of this to curb any form of congregating, discussion, discourse, all banned.
  • pro BLM protests are okay. “Racism leads to systemic healthcare disparities” Church is cancelled, but large gatherings of people are allowed to protest? Surely both lead to further spread in the virus? Of course they do. The difference is that religion, family and friends inspire community and healthy discussions. Protests have largely inspired conflict, burning of neighbourhoods and have inspired further division in society. The literal burning of small businesses broadcast all over MSM to perhaps lessen the blow to the public of the “financial burning” and erosion of those businesses that managed to survive the first wave and the public rioting.
  • vaccine proven “95% effective” all while lockdowns, increased mask wearing mandates, and restrictions in personal gatherings have INCREASED the positive case numbers? At least in Canada, a “case” is listed in both official Government of Canada statistics and unofficial Google COVID-19 statistics as “confirmed OR PROBABLE” ?!?! What does “probable” even mean in the cases where people show same symptoms as common cold or influenza?
  • influenza – another respiratory virus – cases are down significantly around the world, yet coronavirus cases are spiking during lockdowns and increased restrictions against individuals’ rights and freedoms?
  • 24 hour news cycle continues to repeat doom and gloom every day.
  • public division encouraged – violence against those who don’t comply with the MSM narrative seemingly encouraged
  • not enough people questioning rather “grey” legality of lockdowns and business closures in name of public health?
  • police in some jurisdictions beginning to uphold unlawful lockdown orders. Knocking on doors like the Gestapo, checking on numbers at family gatherings. Imposing fines to those who may already be crippled financially.
  • long lines and huge occupancies allowed at big box retailers while small occupancies allowed at the few mom and pop retailers that are actually allowed to open. Seems rather contradictory when the public message is to avoid large gatherings – especially between large groups of strangers…
  • World Economic Forum (WEF) discussions with Klaus Schwab (crazy German guy running this shitshow) include lines like “the Great Reset” and how in the new world – after COVID-19, you will “own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”
  • there seems to be a pretty quick path the world is already on that leads to widespread unequivocal adoption of a new Universal Basic Income. I see this happening inside the next 6-9 months. Trajectory as follows – stricter lockdown measures continue to whittle away at middle class self-employed households. The few remaining corporations that have been blessed by the governments to remain open will need to somehow begin to pick up the slack. After all, we can’t have everyone sitting at home while the world’s billionaires have collectively added hundreds of billions of NET dollars to their coffers since the “pandemic” began. So we have a conundrum. Governments everywhere are bankrupting themselves to add emergency spending to cover off increased medical and social expenditures. They will need a means to pay for this. The only remaining potential tax incomes the government will be those of huge corporations that were allowed to keep their businesses open. Those that were forced to close were subject to waves of changing the goalposts – indoor – outdoor – outdoor with restrictions…all of these changes cost money to implement. All of these measures for naught. They spent money on measures to keep everyone “safe” and were then told even that wasn’t enough – close your doors. Businesses that can operate (tech, other office) can operate from home. Many of these businesses will begin to see little need for commercial real estate in their portfolio. Leases will expire. Fewer will be renewed. Why pay for an office and its maintenance when no one is filling seats at desks? With far more supply for commercial real estate than demand, we will see building owners lower their lease rates in order to stimulate occupancies. Some people will be paying mortgages on properties that sit vacant. Property owners will foreclose on vacant buildings. No one leasing = no income. Banks will need to make their money elsewhere – the low interest we are seeing on personal property cannot last forever. The banks will need to swallow these commercial losses somewhere to avoid losing stockholder confidence in the banks themselves. Variable rate home mortgages will begin to skyrocket. Many people will be forced to foreclose themselves. No one will open a retail business with ever changing uncertainty in today’s markets. Travel/tourism has been dead since March 2020. This will only continue. Large airline companies and manufacturers will begin to fold. Their staff have been largely on leave since the “pandemic” began – all either living on savings, or social assistance. These major corporations will either go bankrupt or receive stimulus from governments around the world. Lose – lose. Either tens or hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs in the airline/tourism/travel sectors, or the government pays for it all with OUR tax dollars – putting further strain on economies and GDP everywhere. Automotive sector will see diminishing sales. No one needs to drive as much – no office to work at. No family to visit. Vehicles won’t wear out as quickly. There is nothing new about the automotive sector of our economies receiving MASSIVE global bailouts. It has happened before and is sure to happen again due to decreased demand. Construction has been doing well until now, but I don’t see that lasting forever in the New World. As commercial real estate demand falls, and fewer people have the money to purchase a new home, used will have to do. Those on social assistance will need to continue renting as they will not qualify for any loans for their own property. Governments will see quick, and growing demand for social housing projects everywhere. Another expense to the government. How will we pay for all of this? I’m talking top down in a lot of my points above. But each of these sectors has millions of employees around the world, many of whom are going to be out of work if they aren’t already. The Amazon’s, Google’s and Facebooks of the world seem to be the few businesses that are blessed to operate under the current regime. Governments will be exposed to increased stimulus and spending requirements with exponentially less money coming in by the day. In a global effort to avoid bankrupting every sovereign state, more and more public/private partnerships will emerge. Corporations will benefit as they will be some of the few remaining businesses allowed to operate. Their sales volumes and revenues will only increase. Their tax dollars will go directly to stimulus aid and social assistance programs, and our politicians will become even more beholden to the corporations than we see today. Sounding a lot like China, doesn’t it? Authoritarian leadership that blesses corporations with state sponsored partnerships, all while imposing restrictions on citizens’ individual freedoms, suppressing individuals’ right to the “pursuit of happiness,” restricting individuals’ ability to provide for themselves and their families, all while offering us lies, false hopes and broken promises every time we see the goal posts move. I see us headed somewhere rather dark – a place where you can get the “freedoms the government tells us you can have,” all for the simple price of inoculation! Since all these auto manufacturers will face the choice of bankruptcy or merging with the government, many will merge in an effort to “save jobs.” Our friend Klaus Schwab (WEF) sees a highly advanced technological future. This is obvious, but I see the intersectionality of these topics as a means to force the government’s will on its people. Sure – you can get free access to an electric, self driving, state owned car, any time you want. It will come to pick you up, track you wherever you go, all for the price of inoculation.

I go off on a few tangents above, but the difficulty in what we are facing is that all of this is intrinsically connected. We cannot, like the unelected health officials we must obey en masse, look at one issue and ignore the others. All of these measures, as far as this dumb homebuilder can reason, are designed in such a way as to break every global financial system in their totality. Those that are blessed by the state and allowed to survive will be paying for us all soon enough. This IS state owned and interrupted capitalism. This IS on its way to full global social-authoritarian technocracy. We have already been surveilled* since the dawn of the internet. We are now being told to shelter in place for “everyone’s safety.” We cannot commune with our friends, family, loved ones or strangers to “prevent community transmission.” Where I feel this is all to curb any form of open dialogue, discussion or ability for people to form agreement with one another dissenting the government. Our Facebook’s, Twitter’s and YouTubes are openly censoring that which the state tells them. The MSM is propagating crazy Statistics about a virus that doesn’t kill you unless you have preexisting co-morbidities or are already past the average life expectancy. I find it odd, they’ve openly continued this same censorship now on other more political topics such as, perhaps, the son of the US President Elect… Open censorship to get “their president” elected seems awfully like the “Russian collusion” everyone has been yammering on about for 4 years. Either way, no matter what side you are on politically, it is pretty apparent that there is always a game being played. It is being played on YOU, on ME, on the WHOLE WORLD right now.

We are being lied to about the “pandemic.” That which isn’t a lie, is censored by the media.

We are all headed toward global economic meltdown. Most major sectors have been heavily affected by this mess. Those that haven’t seen the hit yet, soon will.

The government did a bad sales job on the vaccine. They need to scare the herd into conformity with “COVID 2.0” – the “new UK strain”

A friendly reminder, Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR testing and Nobel laureate would not agree with how his test is being used today. Interesting coincidence – this eccentric genius died summer 2019 – a few months before he would have had a loud discussion with Fauci over – wait for it – bad sales pitches. Mullis tears Fauci Apart

I have to really start breaking this out into a thought web with strings on a wall and post it notes like a crazy person. I feel sound in my judgement every day. I will not take any new MRNA vaccine. I can NOT believe what the MSM is telling us. I see with my own eyes that every link in every economic chain is strained, and it only takes one link to break to cause a growing ripple effect. We are seeing the beginning of this. Sit down, buckle up. At least a seat belt might save your life in an accident. We don’t know what the fabric of this vaccine seatbelt they are trying to sell is made of.

TLDR – you are locked down. Sit down, shut up, be open to some new ideas, and read. If we can’t explore new ideas together, than YOU are part of the problem! The herd is being led to slaughter. Every aspect of this global mess is connected through our personal connections and economies. It is intentionally too complex for any ONE person to solve. I do not know if the snowball has yet rolled too far down the mountain, or if there is still time to stop it? The bigger the snowball, the bigger the collateral damage, and the bigger the impending avalanche, but the momentum we are on is only increasing in pace and mass. It’s getting harder to solve by the day if we can’t physically get together to discuss. (Remember – they are watching us all commune online – and arrests in some countries such as Australia over government dissent on Facebook have already become reality). The tap is being opened up more every day. The slow drip that we have been experiencing from our elected officials is going to become a quick torrent pretty soon, ready to swallow us all. The path* we are on is dangerous. Time to discuss. Love you all. Let’s get back to a real normal together!

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