Songs Log #1

A list of all songs I’ve written or conceptualized, with a brief explanation of all so I can easily track their evolution as I continue to write them.


•Dressed In Red

Dressed in red, we walk the halls, not concerned with guns the guns at all. The bullets strike, we take them in, they dress is red, but can’t do us in.

Dressed in red is a song about school shootings. The students are dressed in red, because the blood stained the white uniforms, but they don’t care because it’s so normal now.

•Dressed In Rage

Your faces mean nothing, your eyes hold my anguish, this gift, for you, my friends.

‘Rage is the sister song to ‘Red. It’s from the perspective of the attacker.

•Evolution x

The next evolution. Civilization crumbles beneath the weight of… Evolution!

A classic protest song about how we are only concerned in incremental steps that don’t bring us to a better place in the long run.

•Revolution Zero

Give me… Revolution! Zero. The great reset we all have longed.

Revolution Zero is a song about how the world, and specifically music needs a new approach to stay interesting and new. I want it to be a funk/punk mashup.



I’m too good for her, that’s too bad for me, because I’ve never had nights as lonely as these, Stephanie! Like a collapsing wall, it ended last fall, and now we won’t talk at all, but you can always give me a call.

I kinda laugh at this song now. I wrote it back in August, but it turned out to be the most prophetic thing I’ve ever written somehow. The name Stephanie had nothing to do with Kira, I just picked it because the flow needed three syllables, and the assonance worked well with the ‘a’s in “bad”, “had”, and “as” going with the stressed ‘a’ in Stephanie. Anyway, kinda funny how that all worked out. Still just a fun, dumb song. I like it a lot.

•Letters Home

When I’m fine I can forget, your fleeting smiles and happiness, but when I’m down, all I can think about is how you were my friend.

Letters home is about feeling like you were happier in the past, so now you write things to your past self, telling them how to improve.

•I’ve Got It Bad

All of the stars up in the sky could never shine so bright as her eyes do when she smiles. Her face fills my dreams with insecurities, but I still love to see it nonetheless.

This song is kinda a mashup between a 50s pop song and pop-punk song. It’s just about having a dang huge crush on someone. No one was in mind while writing it, but ya know, still a cute diddy.

•Covered In You

Now your door’s all covered in you, who would’ve knew that the gift upon your step was quite that rough.

Ok huge disclaimer on this one. I did not have an ex while writing it. But I do now, so whatever. I like to write songs about dark things and make them kinda humourous, so this one is about sending a bomb to your ex’s house. I probably won’t continue it, because… ya know, I don’t desire to think about that, but I still remember it.



You gave me gashes every time your eyes crossed my face. Can’t give me love, so I get hate.

This was one of the first songs I wrote. That’s kinda all.

•Lonliest Loneliness

In my loneliest loneliness, no I won’t. In my loneliest loneliness, no I won’t. No I won’t ever see you again.”

This song is about not wanting to reconnect with people despite being all alone.

•Slow Process

It feels good other than the burning and the twisting in a knot, maybe a knife would go easier, but I’d rather rot.

Definitely one of the darker songs in the emo category. It’s about choosing to starve yourself to commit suicide.


•The Polluted

This instinct we have that leads us to here, it all fades away when we take up the knives. Maybe next time things will change.

The first goth song I wrote, the polluted is about having suicidal tendencies, but never having them strong enough to go through with it.


Born with tears in my eyes, and a mouth downcurled. Touched by the dark, cursed me to die at the age of kings. The drugs I consume are gifts from the one that made me.

This song is part of being part of the infamous “27 club”, and on one hand it plays into the urban legend of being cursed, it also acknowledges the hard lifestyle that leads one to that place.

•My Name is Terror

My name is Terror. I am lover. Bow down before I count down 1, 2, 3.

The chorus and name of this song are actually based on a misheard lyric from the Leathermouth song, “Your Friends Are Full Of Shit”. For a long time I thought it said “my name is terror, I am your lover” at one point and I thought that sounded cool so I made it myself.

•Suzie Suicide

Suzie Suicide is walking through her life, just looking for a way to get outside of the path that she treads. “Don’t hurt yourself Suzie.” “Hurt yourself Suzie.”

I want the tone of this to sound kinda chill, like a smooth guitar-based jazz song, but then the lyrics are kinda yikes.

•You Know Who You Are

You know who you are. This is all just meant for you. The bullets that reside behind these dark eyes, are all dedicated to you.

I don’t know what this song is about. It’s just words.

SAD (Yes, I know sad isn’t a genre).

•I Would Say I’m Sorry If I thought that it would change your mind

If it would make you happy you can kick me to the curb. If it would make you happy you can tell me how vile it is that I have it in me to disturb.

This song is about looking for alternate ways to seek redemption that are often self-destructive when you know that an apology wouldn’t be accepted.

•Welcome To Paris

To your left are riots breaking out between the right and then the wrong. Those who follow to make ends meet, and those who protest to make life free. Pick your side, or be outcast from the game of life.

Welcome To Paris is about general breakdown in communication between opposing sides in the world.

•Entrance To A Dead End

In the lobby stands a man, his skin turned to sand over the years. He waits for the paratransit to take him home to where he lives just to live. Where no one loves him just for him.

This song is about regretting having lived a life without meaning. It follows different characters in the verses, all having their own regrets in life.

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