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gg9jr6d posted in worldnews on 18DEC20:

All i hear is that you wan’t to be featured in the Wall-e movie.

gg35sxe posted in worldnews on 17DEC20:

So in other words globalism and oligarch are really really happy that the presidency of Trump is ending… ok i noted.

gg35eac posted in news on 17DEC20:

No wonders Bill Gates advocate openly for depopulation, us or them i guess.

gg2mra6 posted in gaming on 16DEC20:

-Society : Adult mens who don’t care about what we think are toxic.

gg2faee posted in worldnews on 16DEC20:

I would gladly swaps nationalities with you, its an lgbt heaven in canada, remind me to start a business that offer that kind of services.

gg21ya6 posted in space on 16DEC20:

Yeah 0,00001% of Canadians does this, literally every Canadians.

gg1qt3l posted in videos on 16DEC20:

He did not, he just fear bad press about the movie, basically he fear a lost of revenue.

You guys always overthink it.

gg1lkoj posted in Documentaries on 16DEC20:

So you basically use common sense like any other human being, i am glad you demonstrated it for internet points my kind sir !

gfycqlg posted in Futurology on 15DEC20:

It make sense, you help them build your future cage so i would give you 10 good boy points too.

gfv1vru posted in creepy on 14DEC20:

Look at the picture the pot is doing levitation without gold inside 👀

gfeemt2 posted in UpliftingNews on 11DEC20:

Grow Up.

gf721y2 posted in todayilearned on 09DEC20:

Welcome to the alt-right wing.

gf6bnrd posted in news on 09DEC20:

hahahaha i love her 😍

gf3qy2f posted in news on 08DEC20:

Start by investigating before punishing maybe ? We are talking about someone who get threatening of lynching and yet you propose the same thing.

gf0kl2l posted in news on 08DEC20:

Yeah, why do peoples need two dozes already ? oh yeah the first ever RNA vaccine ever made for humans on the surface of the earth, fabricated in 8 month when vaccines take around 8 to 13 years to…

gf0bun5 posted in news on 08DEC20:

Found the racist ! 😂

getnaf9 posted in Documentaries on 06DEC20:

All your comment was about the word Zionist, lets talk about the man who started the Zionism ideology instead :

getmoxg posted in Documentaries on 06DEC20:

Well she does, there is apples in my trees.

getkek6 posted in Documentaries on 06DEC20:

Yes lets casually reflect the idea of doing a genocide with real war weapons onto a family gathering and switch the war weapons with a virus that peoples have 99,6% of surviving, make sense.

gero2aj posted in OldSchoolCool on 06DEC20:

if you are a girl under 30 living in the us, welp, great !!!

genka7k posted in politics on 05DEC20:

Well thats what i call journalism in 2020 : Kahron Spearman is a music/film critic and copywriter. His feature work can be regularly found in ‘The Austin Chronicle’.

Stay classy democrats 😂🤣😂

geee1yb posted in gaming on 02DEC20:

Libtards. FTFY.

ge2y1gg posted in news on 29NOV20:

Every week is not enough, every day is what we want, gotta lift theses covid number up so we can go into the great reset faster !!

gdz3zh1 posted in UpliftingNews on 29NOV20:

Here in Canada we know about him : This guy openly call for violence.

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