Really surprised that the pod hasn’t done an episode on deindustrialization yet

A lot of people (even some self-described “leftists”) see the process of America and the global north transforming from a society where your racist granddad earned enough money hauling steel around a plant to buy a house and finance a second family, to an economy where what few remnants of the capital “W” Working Class can be found taking orders on the intercomm of your local panera bread like it’s some sort of political reality that you’re supposed to accept uncritically as something that was just basically bound to happen at some point, or, if it is, the blame is usually put on workers/the poor & working class……. “The jobs left because taxes were too high”, “Union pensionsn cost the companies too much”, “Cities had too much crime” etc. What doesn’t get talked about much is the fact that the entire process of deindustrialization was a coup de main from the forces of capital after successfully routing out radical labor organizers in industrial unions once and for all around the 50’s and 60’s. The threat of strikes and management’s reluctance to keep paying those hefty worker’s pensions drove industries to first move out of classic urban centers, then migrate to the South and West, then out of the country entirely in search of places with even more neoliberal working conditions. But, the catch 22 is the fact that since living standards are evaporating into thin air because no one has a good job anymore, no one is able to keep buying these legacy industrial products without massive lines of credit.

Might be my survivor’s bias talking, but I don’t see how any self respecting leftist identifies themselves as such if they have no clue how deindustrialization ushered in the birth of the “gig economy” Uberification of society and eventual talk of creepy shit like the Great Reset.

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