My thoughts after 100+ hours..

Apart from the fact that your choices don’t really matter, from side quests to main quests. I have had a lot of fun grinding the living fuck out of this game.

In terms of end game stuff some type of way to reset attribute points, and collect Epic/Legendary clothing blueprints and mods would be greatly appreciated.

Transmog would be nice but that’s far down the road for now. Dedicating a small part of the map to an endless wave would be fun. For example down south or east where there’s nothing have it be a checkpoint that starts an endless mode to test your build and skills !

I also modded the game just a bit for a higher FOV, better driving and one tap dodge button. Without these the game was just too damn frustrating.

Love this game just wish it wouldn’t have been such a disappointment for so many, including myself.

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