My Theory Of What Covid-19 Is To Explain What We Are Seeing

From what I’m observing the only thing that makes sense is they know exactly what they are dealing with. A weaponized virus engineered to increase it’s gain of function capabilities in the wild through massive amounts of mutations.

I don’t think the vaccine is actually for the strains we are dealing with right now. I think the vaccines are designed to fight the very deadly virus they know will eventually evolve.

What else can explain the fact that the GLOBAL health industry is willing to mandate experimental vaccines that haven’t even gone through animal trials directly on the human population. Vaccines that do not prevent you from spreading it or being infected by it.

The only thing the vaccine is does…is prevent you from experiencing severe symptoms.

What if that is just another way to say “prevent you from helping the virus mutate towards it’s deadly form”?

I’m not dismissing the possibility that this whole thing is all about the Great Reset and everything that comes with that. It’s very possible.

But the one thing that keeps nagging me and doesn’t let my brain rest is how much of a hurry the powers that be are in.

Personally, I don’t believe the very rich and powerful give a damn about us. Never have. So I have to assume that what they are doing is actually what is needed to protect them. Operating on that assumption it appears to me that they are very concerned.

Maybe the vaccines help cause the next gain of function and certain people get those and certain people don’t, Maybe their global tracking data bases are good enough now to accurately target the population.

Maybe it’s a huge cover up of the XMRV viruses.

Regardless, I don’t think we’re done with this yet by a long shot. I know they aren’t telling us the truth. I’m going to keep an eye on the mutations that I’m pretty sure we’re about to start seeing.

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