My mom made me realize how effective fear mongering is.

This is a long one, and I didn’t know where I could post this but I just needed to write it down so I chose this since it relates to me. So for a bit of backstory, my mom has been mostly normal my entire life, but over the last couple years I’ve noticed her get weirder. She started getting into energy work (look it up) and started talking about conspiracies everywhere. With this pandemic, I think it kinda set her off.

Ever since March, when everything shut down, my mom was immediately against it and saw conspiracy theories everywhere. She has started buying into the “new world order” and “great reset” and “covid vaccine evil” conspiracies. She came up to me today and said to me, “I’m not gonna let you get the covid-19 vaccine. She then showed me a post from an anti-vax facebook group of a lady going through the vaccine and stating everything that was “in it.” She also showed me a video of a “doctor” talking about how people deified the vaccine and worship it as their “savior.” I’m pretty sure most of you have seen this first video, so I won’t go into much detail, but here is an article basically saying what it was.

Now, even though I’m a high schooler, we have recently gone through the genetics portion of my AP biology class so that information is fresh in my brain. I sat my mom down and explained to her the process of transcription and translation of mRNA, what recombinant dna was, and why the vaccine didn’t have “aborted babies” in it. Even after that she said “I still don’t feel comfortable with you getting a vaccine that has aborted babies in it. Don’t you see that this vaccine is supposed to bring about the great reset?” She remained adamant on not letting me get the vaccine while I was under her care.

Just to end, it scares me that because of one person fear mongering on facebook, there are millions of people who are preventing their kids and themselves from getting a vaccine that could save thousands of lives.

Tl,dr; My mom saw a Facebook post about why the covid vaccine is evil and is now preventing me from getting it, even after I sat her down and explained scientifically why what she had read was wrong. Fear mongering scares me.

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