My crazy theory that the Covid vaccine will cause infertility

So I have a crazy theory that we are headed for a dystopian Children of Men style future, except only the super rich will be able to have children. This theory isn’t based on any scientific research of the vaccine etc, its just a crazy hunch.

We all know about Bill Gates’ views on population control, reduction etc. and how he seemed to have a clairvoyant prediction about covid back in 2019. We now have all this talk about THE GREAT RESET.

I think that the vaccine will 100% be harmless. Or at least it will appear so at first: so they dish it out to all the over-55’s (who arent having children anyway), then after about a year they will start saying to younger people ‘you want to go on a plane? Get vaccinated’ ‘you want to go to the cinema? Get vaccinated’ ‘you want to go out to eat? Get vaccinated’ and because it has appeared harmless to those older generations, and because young people want to be able to do all those things, they will get vaccinated.

Another year passes and it seems a worring new trend has emerged: IVF treatments have skyrocketed. The number of people with low sperm and egg counts is astonishing. At first they will say: ‘covid must have caused this! See! We told you youngsters should get vaccinated!’ So they will all flock out to get the vaccine.

Another few years down the line and the only people having children are the mega rich who can afford IVF treatments, which the prices for have become so prohibitively high because of the extraordinary demand. By then someone will have figured out that the vaccine caused infertility, but its too late, and the pharma co’s are immune from prosecution anyway.

Also, If you haven’t seen Children of Men already then i highly recommend it

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