MMW: There will be COVID-21 and new measures and lockdo

The 2 class world approaches ever further. The already-elite obligarchs only increase in power, but you, a retard will comply with it. You will comply with every injection, every measure, every authoritarian lockdown they enact. After all, all they have to do to get themselves even more powerful, is to just pass a new law and wrap it up in a blanket of love!

The elite will avoid the vaccines, not bother with the rules they spout, and you wont notice.

Anyone opposing will be shamed, denied living their lives and they’ll be vilified and have their lives destroyed. You will constantly harass them “MUH 300,000!!!” like a good little robot. You’ll spout the hoax statistics despite never knowing anyone that died.

The media will tell you the economic collapse is from the virus, not the measures. And you’ll believe it! As the elite will rise in wealth and you’ll be starving, but fear not, the elite have a plan. Simply submit! You’ll own nothing and be happy.

Anyway, you’re gonna hear of COVID 21. New lockdowns and entrapment of populations as travel is outlawed. (Your globalism is eating itself, huh?), you’re gonna hear of more poverty and businesses going under, (dont worry, its for your safety from the cough!”, then the government will mandate injections of mystery juice. The government never did anything about corruption or obesity or drugs, but they love you so much they’ll force you to take an injection against your will.

You think its a joke, go read your articles, robot. New mutations, more riots, more and more.

The Great Reset, the underclass that has just developed will be given “help” by the elites, billionaires and politicians, which is just “submit to us or suffer” in disguise. They’re gonna, “build back better”! They’re gonna censor speech to “stop white supremacy” (leftwing boogeyman that doesn’t exist) and take your guns “for safety”.

Its all coming together yet you’re all blind. You arent “fighting the enemy”, by attacking “SCIENCE DENIERS”, you’re just mindless drones.

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