Masks are just the beginning

We’ve awakened in a country that is unrecognizable. Where drones police the skies communicating with a 5G infrastructure, tracking our smartphones. Forced vaccines, lockdowns and quarantines become a part of everyday life. The economy and our lives are stifled by an out of control government holding our jobs and our livelihoods hostage. A perpetual state of terror and confusion designed to manipulate the masses into succumbing to complete tyranny, so much so, we believe it’s in our best interest and for the good of all to simply submit. Food shortages, ammo shortages, and shortages of basic necessities are to become increasingly common. Toilet paper was just the beginning.

A coup occurs. Ousting an elected president through a fraudulent election. The pandemic, used as a pretext for many things, provided the perfect cover to sneak in fraudulent “mailed in” ballots. Counting staff limited viewing of their actions to only a few observers, citing virus threats. They covered the windows and forced opposing party members out to manipulate the counts.

The talk among the global elite consists of building back better, seizing the moment to establish a new world order, and the great reset. Figures like George Soros, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab. They’ve been talking about exactly what has occurred and what to do next for quite some time. Their plan is coming into fruition. They just have to finish off what’s left of the USA.

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