I’m just a “dumb home builder” but… the sheer volume of conflicting news this last year has me shaking my head – nothing makes any sense anymore.

I should start this by saying I don’t believe this is a made up virus. COVID is real, but far overstated in the news and is being used as a tool by governments around the world to enact new policy.

DEC 2019 – We first heard news of a potential “scary new virus” a year or so ago discovered in Wuhan, China.

JAN-MAR 2020 – WHO, CDC, other global and national health organizations claim person to person transmission isn’t possible, then unsure of how this transmits, then months later tell the world this respiratory virus is transmitted all while Fauci tells US that masks don’t do anything.

MAR-MAY 2020 – Fauci backtracks and tells world he lied to America to ensure supply lines weren’t disrupted in early weeks of COVID “outbreaks” to ensure PPE stock for front line workers. Focus is conspicuously shifted in the main stream media from number of deaths to number of “active cases” as primary driver for public concern. Stats we are all familiar with today begin to slow drip into the public sphere – that this isn’t deadly to 99.9% of the population and that those primarily affected are elderly with pre-existing conditions.

Again – I’m just a dumb builder, but don’t old people all generally pass at some point or another? Stated on a Joe Rogan podcast quite explicitly – and Joe claims to be dumb as a brick too – that “the average age of a COVID death is OLDER than the average age of death.”

In Canada specifically – I reside in Toronto – our statistics don’t even require a positive COVID test, but rather only require COVID-like symptoms to be included in the fear mongering propaganda “rising case count.”

Globally, governments began to lock down their economies and were rather blasé about their definitions of “essential workers.”

We were all told to lock down for 14 days – this has been the longest 14 days of my life. Starting to become rather jealous of Bill Murray – even he escaped Groundhog Day faster than this…

Masks become “mandatory” everywhere – even though in my best guess 90% of the Virtue Signalling Left are wearing them wrong. I’ll remind you again that as a builder, I KNOW how to wear a mask. These “non surgical” masks do nothing to provide a safe barrier. Holes on the left, right, chin and bridge of nose. Shower thought time – firefighters are mandated to SHAVE their beards for a good protective seal to their skin when wearing a respirator. What the fuck does anyone with a beard think they’re really doing for themselves? If someone calls me out – fit 32M – for not wearing a mask when WALKING DOWN THE SIDEWALK, I assess their physical health issues or break down their narcissistic tendencies for needing to shame a complete stranger and clap back at them. No way is some self righteous fatty getting the last word with me.

Nowhere in this fucking mess does anyone ever stop to discuss physical health, you know, gym time, natural vitamin D, eating healthy – NOTHING. Just mask up, hide in your homes, Skype grandma while she takes her last breaths (she was 90 and in a home 4 years before COVID, but sure – COVID killed her…not my grandma by the way – just a hypothetical one). But hypothetical grandma has a family that holds her dear and isn’t likely to die of the virus – statistics people!!

So just like we have allowed people to make decisions for themselves forever, we should continue to allow people to make decisions for their own safety. Instead, governments around the world are slow rolling the “Great Reset” on us. These lockdowns are being played as a means to a very different end.

Not too long ago, many of the voices screaming in favour of lockdowns today were screaming in favour of the occupy Wall Street movement years ago. Fundamentally, all this time with nothing to do has given me time to look at these two subjects as actually the SAME thing. Fundamentally, the topic of The Occupy movement is that there is too much consolidation of finance and power and that there should be a more “equitable” sharing of these financial resources. You asked people – you got it! Lockdowns are now putting governments around the world into unrecoverable positions financially speaking. The lockdowns are inspiring much more social assistance, all while people are losing their jobs, small businesses are closing by the thousands, and remaining locked down, stressing about finance in an uncertain world with every moving goalposts.

We are “locking down for everyone’s safety.”

Think about this analogy – I’m not a doctor, so I won’t speak directly on medicine, but like many in the world, I drive a vehicle, another topic I’m not 100% “read into.” I can change my oil, change a tire out, other small odds and ends, but I rely on my mechanic to do the heavy duty work. I can put my own bandages on, know how to deal with my own shoulder dislocation even, but I can’t obviously set a broken bone if that were to happen. Long story short – we all rely on one another in the society we have built for ourselves. Even in the best of times, sometimes shit happens. I got my brakes repaired on my truck a few years ago, and 20 mins plus $1,200 later, my brakes lost pressure on the highway at highway speed as I was approaching slowing traffic. Turns out the brake lines weren’t tightened properly and all the brake fluid left as I was making my drive home and I rear ended another vehicle. It was all good, insurance covered things and in court it was resolved that it was human error at the mechanic. A loose, missing or broken gasket caused $100k in damage to the combined vehicles.

These lockdowns are very much like all of this. If something as simple as a gasket issue can cause $100k in damage, what does paying attention to ONLY COVID do to the world? Clearly there is some brake fluid getting through this leaky ass gasket.

Alcoholics are allowed to buy liquor, but god forbid people meet anonymously to discuss their issues with others.

Mental health issues are substantially rising leading to higher suicidal tendencies.

Team sports are too “dangerous” to play unless you support a multi million or billion dollar value corporation. So kids are going to get fatter, they aren’t going to learn to play well with others, etc etc, mental health issues continued, etc.

Bars are closed to “prevent covid transmissions.” I feel it’s more to curb dissent. If you can’t get together in person, you have to go online. It’s funny that all of social media is circling the drain as we speak. There are very few outlets to actually question what our elected (and unelected health officials) are telling us. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube began censoring any covid related material that did not copy WHO press releases verbatim. This led into further much more blatant and political censorship of anti-Biden rhetoric. There is very little actual content remaining online that is not intensively censored and curated before it reaches your eyes and ears. COVID began a heavy public “digital book burning” of any dissenting content. Beware.

No mask, no service – yet the moment you enter your “protective mastication bubble” at a restaurant, you can drop the mask…hmmmm. That is all… reminds me of this thought I always like to ponder – if we in the West have to worry about CO2 pollution and our governments are now charging carbon taxes, where is the wall in the middle of the pacific preventing China’s air to invade ours…wait – that’s right – invisible bubbles DON’T exist…

I could keep going, but I’m going to finish with this. I grew up in a house reminded all the time not to jump off a bridge just cause Johnny tells me to. I mean – different story if he jumps first and I see him swim to safety, right??? I’m not promoting this new, rushed to market vaccine that Phizer and Moderna can’t even be sued for – not by ANY means. So they rush a vaccine to market – an MRNA vaccine – a type of medication that has never been brought to market before because it hasn’t been proven safe in the past. Yet we are all being told to roll up our sleeves for a vaccine that again was rushed, does not even have full data sets for the individuals in its trials, and for a virus that doesn’t kill you unless you have preexisting conditions or are already past the average age of mortality. All based on the results of “rising case numbers” as determined by PCR testing. Don’t ask me. Ask Kary Mullis – Biochemist – Nobel Laureate – and inventor of the PCR test itself how the test can be extrapolated forever essentially into further and further doubling of target sample until anything you are looking for is visible on literally any sample. Interesting fact – Mullis died 4 months before covid outbreak and as inventor of widely misused PCR testing today, I think he’d have some interesting thoughts in the subject.

I find very suspicious everything that’s going on. I feel like breaking out into writing a book that will get burned in public on the day of its release – I know how to cite btw ;).

We are living in a world where our social media platforms are openly censoring us.

We are living in a world where our unelected health officials are looking at one problem, but ignoring 99 others. Why did we all have to start “protecting” one another’s grandmothers in 2020? Surely a vagrant sneeze from a doomer has killed the odd grandmother in the past? Don’t put that shit on me. Controlled, protective isolation is key. If you feel I’m killing your grandmother, maybe you need to not visit her yourself – for her protection. If you feel my not wearing a mask on the sidewalk while walking my dog is oppressive to you – fuck off – buy a treadmill and stay at home. It’s for your own safety. Surely your fat ass knows how to click the buy food or Amazon prime one click buttons by now? Don’t bother me with your shit.

We are living in a world where the “for your safety” line is being rolled out as truth, fact, the new word of god…but the fact remains that lockdowns are killing ALL small business, they are pumping up corporations, they are closing down any opportunity for dissent with the main stream media’s message, and we are going to all very soon be relying on the government for some form of assistance. If you can’t leave your house, can’t provide an income for yourself, and all the corporations hold all the money, you better be a good boy or girl to ensure you receive your monthly allowance.

The “great reset” is being pushed by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab (crazy plans from a “unique” German). In this – he envisions a world where you “won’t own anything, and you’ll be happy.”

Let’s continue down this path. We will make Klaus’ Christmas wishes a reality.

Happy lockdown everyone! Fuck this road we are all on! I hate bad drivers 😉

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