If season 1 had been more like season 2 or 3 what do you think the big storylines would have been?

Let’s say they decided to make it more of a serialized show in the beginning of season 1 rather than just issue of the week and reset what do you think could have been some good storylines that could have been explored over multiple episodes? I think it would have been cool if we got these following storylines:

-Even more Brenda and Dylan centric episodes. I wanted to see more of their relationship explored in season 1 and when they were the focus it really was one of the highlights. I would have liked to see them do more stuff as a couple rather than the filler characters of the week.

-Brandon having a steady girlfriend for awhile. I think he should have dated the teen mom for several episodes and then they decide to call it quits because they’re at different places in their lives. I think that she would have been a good recurring character for the first season and we could learn more about where Brandon’s at through exploring that relationship dynamic for 6 to 8 episodes. There was an interesting storyline there that should have been further explored.

-Kelly’s issues with her mother should have been explored more at length. Perfect Mom is one of the best episodes from the first season for sure but I would have liked to see more of Jackie’s struggle for like a four episode arc before getting clean. I’d like to see more of Kelly’s struggle over the course of the first season and more of her jealousy of Brenda having a serious relationship with Dylan. It could have been done in a subtle way I think.

-Donna’s struggle in school. I think that this would have been a great subplot to have running throughout the first season. Donna focuses on her popular image while struggling with academics and learns toward the end of the season that she has a learning disability.

-Andrea’s home life and family. I also think that she and Steve should have pursued a relationship for a few episodes but then she would break it off before the dance when she realizes that he’s still not over Kelly at all and also that Steve realizes Andrea has feelings for Brandon. There’s an awkwardness between them for awhile but they become good friends again during the summer episodes of season 2 after having a talk.

-More of a focus on Brandon and his dynamic with coworkers at the Peach Pit. I would have liked it if they had a few more recurring characters who are workers there. That would have been more interesting to me than the one off characters who we never see again. I wanted to see more of the class dynamic and interactions between the workers.

-The storyline with the jocks and the cheerleader and the hotline should have been a four to six episode arc. Maybe the jocks are friends with the guy who raped Kelly. That was a heavy storyline that could have been more developed throughout the season and the actress who played the cheerleader would have been a good recurring character. One of the jocks threatens Brenda when she tries to expose the truth. There’s a lot more that could have been done with that storyline. It could have been like a 90s lifetime movie within the show stretched out to a miniseries.

-More of Jen, the mean girl at the slumber party. She would have been a good recurring character and foil to the girls in season 1. Maybe she also runs with the popular jock crowd and is silent about what happened to the cheerleader.

These are just a few of my ideas for what could have made season 1 better. I think the writers learned their lesson after the first season which is often the case. I do love the charm of the first season, but I think it would have benefited from being serialized and it’s fun to think about what could have been anyway. I always think about the potential of the first season with all the random storylines, how some could have become more developed had the show had the later dynamic right from the start. Let me know what you think and I want to hear your ideas for what could have made season 1 better and more compelling.

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