How to control emotions

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I am full of hate and its stopping me from being productive. I’m 22 and just got a job at a tech company as an apprentice after doing low level manual labour (construction) for the past few years. Trying to increase my income.

These past few months I have become obsessively hateful and angry about the current state of affairs (racism & disadvantages against white males being normalised & encouraged, possible election fraud, media bias, outsourcing, automation ,Covid and the great reset – yes I’m a conservative/right winger…)

I constantly thing about these things and obsess over them and it’s making me very angry constantly.

I’ve looked into stoicism and started reading Seneca but i can’t put it into practical steps.

What practical steps can I start taking to remove these thoughts and become more positive/emotionally secure?

This shit is really holding me back. Please advise.

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