Hong Kong was a warning. We are next.

Over the past year or so we all saw what was happening in Hong Kong. The government started coming for Hong Kong peoples’ rights. At the height of the protest something like a quarter of the population was out in protest. That is a massive percentage and number of people protesting.

Now we see Hong Kong residents being kidnapped and shipped off to concentration/re-education camps. Why did the protests fail if so many people came together in protest? At least one major reason was the lack of leverage the people had – namely they did not possess firearms.

I doubt at this point Trump will pull off any legal victory. The system is too corrupt. After all, this is the same system that allowed the perpetrators of 9/11 and COVID to get off Scott free. The same system that constantly ignores the constitution by eroding rights clearly stated in those documents. The same system that has committed false flag after false flag on its own citizens and other nations to advance it’s agenda.

Soon we will most likely have a truly anti-2A presidency, more so then we’ve probably ever seen in our lifetimes. And if you think for a second the supreme court or Congress will protect you I’d ask you to reconsider. If you want any chance of freedom you need to think about leverage. Leverage as I see it is three things. The ability to feed yourself, shelter, and the ability to defend yourself.

I invite you to heed the words of a survivor of Nazi occupied Austria. https://youtu.be/u__rs1LeHHE

Keep your guns. Buy more guns. And stock up on ammo, food, and water. Invest in your survival. The alternative is this system of slavery set forth by the great reset proponents where we will own nothing while the world controllers own everything. We will be forced or all but forced to take vaccines that do god knows what. Or we can choose freedom. I’ve already chosen my path.

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