Everyone is worried and angry about the new bill being passed. Don’t forget the real reason they are doing this.

The Great Reset is still on the table though it hasn’t gotten much coverage in the past couple of weeks. With this article it comes back to the forefront. I personally don’t believe John Kerry should be involved in anything having to do with politics but he is now a mouthpiece for Biden. From Kerry on up all the elites are now and have been in the hands of the top tier people. But exactly how high up does the elite class go? Kerry and Biden are just more cattle to them and just doing what they are paid to do, all of them are. Politicians don’t work for us and haven’t in a long time if ever. The Great Reset has been in play for thousands of years but it’s not the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds in total control. I believe there are others higher than them. How many levels are there to this conspiracy and who are the real leaders? Story from Breitbart but in this case any news agency should be telling you the same story.


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