Creating a safer society via Covid-free identifier

With the given surges of Covid cases and not knowing who is asymptomatic or who’s vaccinated, I believe we should develop a way of indicating who is safe/free of the virus and those who are vulnerable or at risk of transmitting the virus. Perhaps, with technology being as advanced and progressing at the rapid pace it is, we should finally introduce the Chip that not only obtains that said medical information but even allow it to contain our crucial information we carry each and every day in our wallet or purse. It can be the new drivers license or even passport for those vaccinated and allowed to travel a.k.a. your “CommonPass” ( granting you access to public spaces, or the new “safe spaces”. Coincidentally, Mr. Bill Gates’ who has become such a proponent for Covid-heads, has a patent ( that I believe would create such a grand transition from the fiat currency, a step away from the FED Reserve (for us U.S. citizens) and a new start to something more reliable. The future is now, or at least once the Great Reset officially begins.

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