Cardinal Burke warns of conspiracy. Meanwhile ccp infiltrated church tells you to go with it.

I say the mormon church is ccp infiltrated after long ponderances of what stocks the church invests in. (Microsoft apple nike monsanto walmart etc- mostly ccp partners)

They are most definitely involved in the great reset and heres why this is obvious.

They moved church to home curriculum prior to the lockdowns or mention of c19 saying “take your vitamins”

Its well documented that 3 letter agencies recruit mormons, to the point of full infiltration. Scowcroft, the architect of NSA is mormon. Nsa data crnter nestled by slc

That and nelson is always going to china. The medical establishment itself is transparantly corrupt, not to mention the vaccine industry being an abomination if you tune in. Rfk jr, del bigtree, thousands and thousands of doctors and scientists whistleblowing this.

Whoever these goons are, renlund, saying wear masks…

They should be telling the truth like cardinal burke. But guess what? Theyre not. Because they are behind the entire charade.

All the first presidency today is completely enmeshed in CIA deep state. Eyring is totally. I mean i looked into all this long ago. Eyrings fam is working on smart home tech to secure the smart grid around the citizen

They say mormonism is the new world order religion and i dont doubt it. The godlike authority over obedient minds the church has established itself as is communists wet dream

Plus the scripture itself in both bible and moreso bom has sleeping code/programming where genocide is justified. Better for one man dwindle than a nation perish in disbelief

Cut off his head nephi i am jesus. Kill himmm

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