Canadian Debt is at the point where “structural adjustment” may be pushed post-pandemic

I’m sure we’re all aware of the premise that the great reset is about switching to a digital currency. What isn’t mentioned is that Canada is in no position to simply “join the club” as an equal member:

All of this is justified under the mantra of modern monetary theory (MMT for short), which suggests that governments can produce infinite amounts of debt if it is held within the country. Japan with a debt to GDP of 200%+ is used as an example, despite being a stagnant mess of zombie corporations and stalled growth. Obviously history has shown otherwise, as the currency is debased in international trade and inflation sets in. Canada also has a massive housing bubble waiting to pop, which suggests a potential depression compounding our existing depression.

What this means is it is highly likely that Canada post-reset is viewed as an problem child, and one to be bailed out by the IMF. This is a time honored tool of international banking to mold countries into compliance. Naomi Klein (who is a globalist I dislike) has famously catalogued these changes as a “shock doctrine”, implemented in Russia, Chile, and many other places on earth accompanied by immense human suffering. Social services are cut, austerity is imposed, the “rigors of the market” (in response to a politically manufactured crisis) force down wages. And I guarantee you based on current rhetoric part of the stipulation will be a permanent commitment to open borders designed to swamp the working class and prevent a unified political response from ever taking hold.

Trudeau is not a progressive. He’s a Neoliberal globalist puppet plucked from obscurity to become a figurehead while taking almost no role in governance. There is no way his government doesn’t recognize these fiscal policies will crash the economy. The world of the future might have UBI but it’ll be a political tool to discipline political opponents by withholding funds, socialism with a human face is the very last thing anyone on his cabinet really wants. No, what Canada is to become is a sweatshop branch plant where the middle class is all politically appointed for being “progressive” (anti-labor) and everyone else is controlled through poverty. And chances are good it’ll be “out of our hands”, a “political necessity”. Justice may lose the political battle, but we must record what is happening to us.

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