By the year 2020, the apocalyptic predictions for 2012-DEC-21 will have faded from most people’s memory. 2020-DEC-21 will be the true Mayan “Reset” as Jupiter n Saturn Join in Aquarius.

The Mayans were absolutely amazing at tracking the stars and the days.

The long short of it…… The end of the last “cycle”, or the Long count Calendar will be on December 20 2020

So each cycle is 5125.266 years and there are supposedly 7 Cycles. 2012 was calculated by Modern man and the media spread that scare tactic of the end of the world. But the date was calculated incorrectly.

But before we get to the math, understand the Mayan spoke of the, “Great Reset” at the end of the 35,875 year Long Count Calendar. What that means is yet to be interpreted.

Of the great many stelae that were examined from various ancient Mayan towns, numerous Long Count dates were uncovered marking important events of note, including such as certain prominent astronomical conjunctions such as Jupiter and Saturn.

Some believe that it has to do with human consciousness and our personal and spiritual evolution NOT the end of times(death and destruction).

The start of the 35,875 year Mayan Long Count Calendar starts on December 21 2020. Almost all evidence of the Maya is completely gone and was destroyed by order of the Church… (do your research)

Saturn and Jupiters conjunction in Aquarius is another sign that the December 21 2020 date is correct and starts the Calendar. Jupiter and Saturn were special celestial bodies to the Maya.

Here is the math I did before finding some articles that say the same…

Following the Julian Calendar, we are actually in the year 2012. The number of days in a year are due to the shift into the Gregorian Calendar is 11 days per year.

We have been using this Gregorian Calendar for in 1752. The last 268 years(1752-2020)

268 yrs times 11 days per yr = 2948 days ÷ 365 days per years = 8 years. So 8 years after December 21 2012 exactly!!!

That date is December 21, 2020

I wrote this in 5 separate times due to my schedule so the grammar and numbers may be incorrect… Also in a dentist chair getting a crown and filling which sucks!!

Take it as it is….

One of the articles I found but not all of them. Again just do some research…


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