[All] Marx was right on a few things which is dependent on current circumstances.

Marx’s pathway to socialism was summed up in the following simply:

-An abusive ruling class takes advantage of the workers and attempt to impose their will on the people.

-Eventually this system cannot sustain itself, leading to austerity of the workers.

-Workers eventually rise up and seize the means of production to society from the ruling class and form a dictatorship where the ruling class is sentenced to death.

-And then you get Socialism where capital doesn’t matter.

Marx was wrong in the sense of capital, which Mises determined could not work because of obvious gaping flaws and requirement of a constant dictatorship in a system fundamentally not sustainable.

Today Marx is correct in terms of the citizens rising up against an abusive ruling class which uses capital as a means of control. With western banks you have people trying to shut others out over ideas that do not align with them, and you have governments willing to force people to take things on command and force their “papers” for an ounce of freedom, over a drug they claim is so effective that you need to take it over and over again every 2 months, while also skipping animal trials and cherry-picking data. Dr Williams and Yaffe of Ontario, both who spoke on camera about how everything they say is pre-written for them, are trying to force in a Fascistic control of the public through mandated papers. They’re lobbyists, not ministers.

This same ruling class which lies about drug ethics(you can read the ethics paper over the woman who married the guy in charge of the drug rollout in the US) also printed an untold amount of money with the majority of it ending in their hands. Canada increased their money supply(M0) by >4.5x in under a year. Justin Trudeau being a complete embarrassment talked about how great The Great Reset plan is one day lied about how it’s all just a conspiracy the next. Anyone should view this person as a fool, not a leader. The US not so bad(35% of all USD this year), but almost all of it went to the ruling class. This same ruling class is seeing “record profits” so of course they love the shutdowns. All the “profits” they made is from inflation. They stole from the public through inflation then claimed it was from honest business sales.

Add to this issue, you have the WEF trying to force the public to accept The Great Reset, and the IMF trying to force people to get credit based on their Internet usage, a complete breach of freedom of speech and an attempted consolation of abuse against the working class. This current ruling class uses capital as a means of control(a technetronic elite: read Between Two Ages), and they use it against the working class by censorship and barring people out of bank/market access, which is being implemented today over lockdowns as an excuse. There’s a merger today between corporations and the state.

Eventually people have to realize that the current western ruling class is out of control. They’re nuts. They’re not for the people and anyone who insists on protecting them is a useful fool thinking they will get some of the power. They don’t want Capitalism/Socialism. It will require that the populace take control of the production once again as their goal for decades has been a new form of Feudalism. Globalization will happen inevitably, but there needs to be a degree of stability inward before people move outward in trade/innovation, and the current people in charge do not reflect any of the values or ideals most people want.

Marx was correct on that basis. You can get an abuse of power under a Capitalist system when the ownership and creation of capital itself is in private hands who want to assert power and control. Fiat has become worthless, in fact a tool used against the public at this point. And these people are largely Capitalists in a sense who want free markets globally between countries but also the power to control governments to stifle competition locally. This is an economic system just like the British Empire. Produce some sort of good locally, ship it to other countries, and have all countries under control of the empire’s supply chain for a mark up.

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