3 new Card Styles Quests for Prismatic Chests and Essence

3 new Card Styles Quests for Prismatic Chests and Essence

Patch 1.16 Notes briefly mentioned that Prismatic Chests and Essence can be earned in Card Styles Quests in addition to end-of-season Ranked Rewards, and now we finally have a look at how they work!

It looks like there are 3 slots for Card Styles Quests. The 1st slot lasts for 1 week and you play 150 rounds for some Essence. The 2nd slot lasts for 4 weeks and is a 3-parter, the 1st part being spend 500 mana in Gauntlets or Expeditions for 1 Common Prismatic Chest. The 3rd slot lasts for 2 weeks and you play 20 Lab games (Wins count triple) for 1 Common Prismatic Chest. Screenshot below for those unable to log in at the moment.

These quests are the same for everyone like the Event quests rather than personal like Daily Quests. We cannot reroll them. I assume when they reset the same quest will appear, but uncertain at the moment.

What do you think about these new quests? Will they encourage you to play differently? Personally I’m glad they added these as I only play Expeditions so wouldn’t be getting Ranked Rewards, but I doubt I’d change my play pattern just for these, I don’t play Constructed/Gauntlets/Labs unless something really interesting shows up. Still, great to have free cosmetics though, just hope they allow us to pay with shards one day or create a different shard sink! 😛


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